You are the pattern in the weaving of my existence. You are the secret code that unlocks all that is mine. You are the manner in which I dance, flying from cloud to cloud…You are the answer to all my questions, always unexpected, which raises me from one world to another.You are my sailing boat on the ocean of infinite tranquility and bliss. My most beautiful ark. Your soul has no limits, and it is in my eyes that You are endless…
And thus when I am not asking You anything then, in fact, I am asking You; And when I do not see You – I do indeed see you. And when You are silent You are speaking inside of me; and when you are asleep you are awake inside of me.....



Wednesday, 30 December 2015

You don't have to say a word

Hush now, don't say a word 
Unspoken thoughts, I've already heard 
I wanted to ask you something, 
Something you didn't expect... 
if lips are made for kissing, 
why can't I kiss you? 
if arms are made for holding, 
why can't I hold you? 
if a voice is maid of talking, 
why can't I talk to you?

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